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Good Friends Bring You Beer From Far Away Places – New Belgium Rolle Bolle

July 1, 2013

Thanks, Brian.  Since New Belgium isn’t distributed in here in New York, this was a special treat.  It’s a Belgian Style Pale Ale made with soursop and monkfruit.  It’s a beautiful golden clear.  It smells nicely of malt, biscuits, and some tropical fruit.  The taste definitely has a floral grassy undertone with a lingering bitterness at the end.  Not much in terms of body, but that’s good for a summer beer. It’s crisp and light.  Summer is a great time.



What I’ve Been Drinking in the Summer

June 12, 2013

Whiskey from a distillery in Breuckelen and summer beers.

From Breuckelen Distiliing’s website –

77 Whiskey – Distilled from New York Wheat (previously known as Black Wax)

This whiskey is produced the same way we make our wheat base spirit for our gin. That means we distill the grain in a manner to retain the character of the wheat. That flavor is then matched with the contribution of the barrel as it matures here in our space.

Distilled from 100% wheat, aged a minimum of 4 months in new American Oak

And, the summer beers are just some summer beers.


Wheat Whiskey


Beer Lovers Like to Cook, Right – So, Here’s an Easy Way to Peel Garlic

May 13, 2013

Grab a head or two of garlic.  Yes.  A head or two.  Use whatever method you use to separate the cloves into a metal mixing bowl, or bowl.

Two bowls

Now put the two bowls together.  Since I don’t have two of the same size mine don’t match, but as long as you don’t get garlic flying out of the bowl, you’re fine.

Bowls don't fit

Now shake vigorously… and, voila!  Your garlic should be separated from their skins.  Some of mine remained intact likely because this clove of garlic was a bit old and the bowl could have been bigger.

Garlic After

Like Collaboration Beers? – Pick This One and Your Cred Can Only Improve

May 6, 2013


Have you read about Brooklyn?  It’s really cool.  I mean really.

So why not demonstrate your credibility of how cool you are by drinking a collaborative beer between Brooklyn and Schneider Weissbier Brewery.

Straight from the bottle:

“Schneider & Brooklyner Hopfenweisse is a collaboration between brewmasters Hans-Peter Drexler of the Schneider Weissbier Brewery and Garret Oliver of The Brooklyn Brewery.  Garrett and Hans-Peter have long admired each other’s beers.  Now together they bring you a new sensation, a pale weissbock robustly dry-hopped with the Hallertauer Saphir variety grown in the fields near the Schneider brewery.  Hoppy, zesty and supremely refreshing, Schneider & Brooklyner Hopfenweisse is a delicious blend of Bavarian craftsmanship and American ingenuity.”

Do I really need to say more?  Yes.

Golden brown.

Wheat and sweet smell and taste.

Thicker body.

Oh, boy.

Ommegang Hennepin – An All-Time Favorite Beer of Mine Which Should Be Yours Too

April 30, 2013
One of my all-time favorites

One of my all-time favorites


















You can’t beat Ommegang and you likely can’t beat Hennepin, their saison. The Yelp of beer gives it a 93, and the more reputable Bros give it a 95.

Why is it magical?

A beautiful golden color says rich rich rich.

Those  wonderful spicy and phenolic Belgian characteristics speak wonders.

A nice medium slick body with lots of earthiness, lemon, pepper, and grass says spring and or summer.  Nice biscuits too.

It’s complex.  It’s drinkable.  It’s beautiful.

I drink this a couple of times a week and when I don’t feel like picking a beer at the bar.

Sneak Attack Saison

April 16, 2013


A great go-to seasonal find for spring.  Beautiful pale golden hazy look.  Aroma controlled by cardamom and cloves with some spice and fruit.  The taste is complex but light.  Grassy, bready, spicy, herbal, with a dryish finish.  Not as crisp as you’d expect a saison, but nonetheless nice.  Feels a bit slick on the tongue.

Got mine at the Whole Foods on 96th and Columbus.

Considering Getting a Rollie Vertical Cooking System

March 26, 2013

Considering Getting a Rollie Vertical Cooking System

Not beer related, but nonetheless important to the food world.

Is this the next sous vide?