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The Author

Who the heck are you? – I’m Joe, hi.

What do you do with your life? – Well, I’m an Industrial Engineer by trade, and I think it’s pretty obvious I like beer. Being Asian, the engineering part works well, but not so much the beer. Since I am a little man, I can’t taste nearly as much beer as I want to. Drunk Joe = No Fun

What’s with that picture to the left? – Hmm, that was taken in Brussels, my first night there. I enjoyed one of the national dishes Waterzooi paired with a Leffe Blonde. Let’s just say Joe happy.

What gives you the right? – Well. I went from drinking beer with coke as a little boy (this was forced on me by my grandparents to get me to sleep) to drinking in college, and finally developed into a full blown adult beer lover.

I read about it. I write about it. I sleep with it. I eat with it. I drink it. I make it. And, it makes me happy. Of course, I want to share this happiness with the world.

Do you do anything else, besides wasting away your life with beer? – I run excessively, actually. I enjoy eating. The running ensures I don’t gain weight. And, that’s pretty much it.

Where do you live? – UWS

What’s with the beard? – I like facial hair. It takes away that baby face thing I have going.

I suppose I should ask you, what are you favorite beers? – I flirt with all the beers but my latest love interests have included Amber Ales. So balanced and so sexy. Belgian style beers are always a classy fall back. IPAs and hoppy beers can irritate me. Imperial stouts are fun.

Favorite foods? – Things like me, Asian. Spicy. Sausages. I do love me a good hummus. And everything that comes out of the water, edible, of course.

Who’s your favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle? – Donatello. He was the geeky one. I’m a geek.

Garfield or Heathcliff? – Garfield, hands down.

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  1. Rob permalink
    July 22, 2011 3:32 pm

    Hi Joe,

    I’d like to get in contact with you to discuss a partnership. We manage the local environments for a number of Beer and Food websites and I’d like to discuss connecting your site with my network.

    Do you have any time to speak next week?


    Rob R.

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